Where Art Thou?

Here I am, updating my social media.

For the first time since 2015? April 16, 2015 to be exact. WTF, amirite?

To be fair, I’ve been through a divorce. A separation from my agent. Started working for a new company. And have had a complete lack of inspiration. All this in the last two years. (Single momming is not for the faint-hearted!)

But I’m back on my feet– firmly–and apparently with a vengeance. And awesome hair. This year I’ve finished a new MD Waters novel, my first contemporary romance novella, begun the process of agent hunting, released said novella in a packed hockey romance anthology, and and and…

Become a USA Today Bestselling Author.

Hot On Ice released last week at #105. This collection of hockey romances sold for 99 cents, and we raised over $500 for Homes For Our Troops. The price has gone up a smidge, but 5.99 isn’t bad for 18 steamy romances! It’ll be available for a little while longer, so get it while you can.

If you miss it, FEAR NOT. I’ve set a release date for Checking Yes, and as a special bonus, I’m including the first chapter to Tell Me No Lies, book 2 of the Charming Dove Harbor set. This will be available on April 25th and is available now for preorder for 99 cents.

Tell Me No Lies is set to release in another anthology this summer; more details on that at a later date.

That’s all for now. Stalk me on Twitter. I’m sure to share some bit of nonsense eventually.