Writing Diary: Week 15

Something life-changing this way comes, and it’s both good and bad in a way. Bad because it wasn’t my choice, and worse because it rocked my world so hard that I haven’t had a single creative thought in a week and a half. Good because I’m looking at possibly becoming a full-time writer, which means I’ll have more time to crank out these novels. In any case, I’m finally feeling the need to get back into my worlds, one of which I actually made a ton of progress in before hell broke loose.

So here it is, Dear Diary.

YA Scifi: 41,409 🙂 I’m brushing up against a pretty intense midpoint right now, and damn excited to see how it unfolds. Our hero is going to break free of a mold, and our heroine is going to dig in her heels and fight. Now if I can just find ALL THE PRETTY WORDS. Pass me that dictionary.

Fave Lines:

I start awake to the sound of Ari’s voice and nearly roll out of bed, reaching for a woman who isn’t there. Every breath escapes my chest as if chased by a firestorm. Tears burn my eyes and roll over the edges before I can stop them. This memory is new, and nothing about it feels warm or comforting or worth keeping. In this one, she’s running toward her death.

“Hey hey hey,” Ari says and clicks on a bedside lamp. “What’s wrong?”

I blink rapidly to both halt the renegade tears and adjust to the new light. The clock on the table glows red and reveals that it’s only ten o’clock. I must have fallen asleep waiting for the raid team to return.

Ari rubs my back and her eyes crinkle. “Bad dream?”

“Where’s Alec?” He’s the only one who can tell me what went wrong. How did she die with an army of indestructible robots guarding her? Am I biding my time in here, out there, breathing precious last minute air, all for nothing? What good is my chip if I’m suspended in eventualities I can’t change?

She frowns. “He’s downstairs. We’re having an impromptu party to celebrate. I came up to see if you wanted to go.”

People are throwing parties while I’ve just discovered a possible tumor growing in my chest, festering, and preparing to annihilate me.